Ford Transit Passenger Van

Get the New class of Van! This new type of maxi-van in the large van category is the Ford Transit Van. Our premium Ford Transit Passenger Van offers seating for 7 while traveling in style--now both drivers and the passengers get to have fun!

Forget that old cramped Econoline passenger van. Our new Ford Transit Passenger Vans are impressive. New technology for the driver means he or she has as much fun as the passengers. The Torque Vectoring and Electronic Stability Control systems allows the driver more traction, handling, confidence (especially in adverse driving situations). Combine that with Advanced Precision Electric power-assisted steering, and you will be floating down the road.

This large van has comfortable seating allowing you to do a home improvement project or a long travel trip. Versatility could be another name for this Ford maxi-van. The seats flip and fold to accommodate any combination of people and cargo you need. Our "Built Ford Tough" (tm) Passenger Vans are perfect for any location including those tighter metro driving and parking spaces. Our larger premium Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans are also great options! Our Sprinters hold from 8 to 15 passengers!

Versatility could be another name for this Ford maxi-van. These large comfortable vans will have you floating down the road and allowing you to do a home improvement project or a long road trip.

Forget the uncomfortable Econoline series, this new 2014 model offers innovative configurations:

  • Diesel and EcoBoost Turbo options mean better performance and economy: averaging 30+ miles/gallon
  • Sophisticated interior tech and comfort features: one of the most civilized large vans ever
  • Big windows in back: increased safety and maneuverability
  • Lower floor: more efficiency in loading and unloading
  • Increased passenger comfort: comfortable and stylish

There are lots of large storage spaces throughout this Ford Transit Van. So get one of the most highly anticipated new passenger vans on the market today.

These exciting multi-seat passenger van rentals are perfect for all types of traveling organizations including sports teams, Boy Scout troops and family get together, so don’t waste another minute trying to pile into the cramped SUV! And Save money while you are at it.

Basic Rental Rates for Ford Transit Passenger Vans:

  • One-way rentals available
  • Reasonably-priced pickup/delivery to your home or business
  • Unlimited mileage packages available
  • Nationwide service

Rates include applicable taxes and fees:**

  • Price ranges: Daily: $135 to $175. Weekly: $635 to $675 (based upon a 3-day to 6-day minimum) - - Rentals for 2 days or less: must be pre-approved. Please call us--we're glad to help.
  • Price ranges for 2 days or less: $200/day to $250/day.
  • All rates are based on length of rental, season+, type of usage & optional features.

NOTE: All rates on this web-site are subject to change without notice.

**Rates are dependent upon availability, rental location, length of rental, type of usage, optional features, and season+, and are subject to change without notice.
Transfer fees may apply.
Rates are based upon a 24-hour “rental day” starting at the time of rental.
Early returns are not refunded.
Additional Drivers: FREE (Up to 4 drivers); additional drivers $10/each
+Season requirements: (May-September & Holidays) additional day supplements and extended minimum rental periods may apply.
We offer personalized service, so please don't hesitate to call us for exceptions.
Ford's strong Diesel engines making them very fast and fuel efficient–it averages about 30+ miles/gallon.
Quality and durability are also standard with this van because it is manufactured in the USA by one of the top automakers in the world.
Talk about fuel-efficiency, this Ford Transit Passenger Van gets you more miles between fill-ups with 30+ miles a gallon.
So, give yourself more money for more fun on your next trip!

If you looking for a larger van other than the Ford Van with even MORE storage space, then we would like to point out Sprinter Rentals. They offer Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans.

Our Ford Vans offer:

Big windows in all around the vehicle and in the back: increased safety and maneuverability
Lower floor: more efficiency in loading and unloading--the step bumper makes getting in and out of the cargo area easy
Increased passenger comfort: comfortable and stylish
Some of our Ford Econoline Club Wagon Van rentals feature TV entertainment systems

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