Transit Connect 4 Rent

Ford Transit Connect 4 rent. The Connect is the answer to your medium to smaller-sized cargo needs. Forget about that uncomfortable station wagon or chunky truck; the Ford Transit Connect is the perfect blend between a car and a cargo van. Once you rent this perfectly-sized van, you won’t want to rent anything else--no other vehicle can deliver the cool combination of capacity and fuel economy as well as the Transit Connect.
We offer two great options at Ford Van Rentals: the Ford Transit Connect Cargo Vans with 2 seats or the Crew Cargo Vehicle which offers seating for 5 and has still lots of cargo space.
This is no Ford Econoline Van series--this van has a large cargo area--with about 70% more of the volume space! Our Ford Transit Connect lets you to stack your stuff high in the enclosed cargo area, giving you creative packing options while keeping your products, gear, or expensive toys dry and secure.


Rent our Ford Transit Connects in the San Diego and Los Angeles Locations--to meet your serious business needs. Easily dart in and out of metro traffic while getting a generous 23 miles a gallon delivering to your customers. Our "Built Ford Tough" (tm) Connect Vans are available in the 148" wheelbase version--the right size for your metro meet and greet situations. The small turning radius allows for parking at the warehouse to parking in those tight, compact spaces downtown to deliver your product.
Weekend warriors, rejoice. The Ford Transit Connect lets you haul motorcycles, four-wheelers and other toys to wherever you want to go. Have fun in the sun during the day, and then drive to a fantastic dinner at night because this van fits in anywhere.
Some of the great 2014 model features include:
  • - Split rear cargo doors open at a standard 180 degrees
  • - Lift-over height is less than two feet
  • - The cargo area opens up to a maximum of 59.1” of floor to ceiling height
  • - The load width is 48.1” between the wheel arches
  • - Load length is a generous 72.6” (more than six feet of cargo floor space) and dual sliding rear side doors provide wide access
  • - EcoBoost Turbo options mean better performance and economy
  • - Interior tech and comfort features
  • - Big windows in back: increased safety and maneuverability
Basic Rental Rates for Ford Connect Cargo Vans: (Vehicles will arrive at our rental locations by 2014)
Rates include applicable taxes and fees and are for general reference only. It is best to get a personal quote from us which may vary from what we have here....**
    Daily: $55-$100+ (150 FREE miles); based upon minimum
    4+ day rental *(see below)
    Weekly: $400-$700+ (850 FREE miles) Miles: $0.10 (per additional mile)

Most locations offer rentals 7 days a week and 24 hours a day
One-way rentals available
Reasonably-priced pickup/delivery to your home or business
Unlimited mileage packages available
Nationwide services
Call for Long Term Rentals and Flex Leasing Rates
Additional Drivers: FREE (Up to 4 drivers); additional drivers $10/each

* Daily rentals (3 days or less) may be at a higher daily rate. They are on case-by-case basis and usually confirmed no sooner than 7 days in advance. Please call us--we're glad to help.

NOTE: All rates on this web-site are subject to change without notice.
We offer personalized service, so please don’t hesitate to call us for exceptions.
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The Ford Transit Connect Maxi-Van is already popular in Europe, and is gaining more and more popularity here; you will even see them as taxis in New York city. Now you too can drive down your operating costs and improve your productivity and bottom line by driving one of our rental vans today.

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Quality and durability are also standard with this van because it is manufactured in the USA by one of the top automakers in the world.